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Whatever Else by J. Kathleen Cheney
In J. Kathleen Cheneys Whatever Else, Maias brother tells her that her husband is dead. Maias husband disagrees. Who is right?
Sand and Storm by Patty Jansen
If you thought the Icefire Trilogy was all finished with, think again! The Moonfire Trilogy, a sequel series, starts with Sand & Storm.
Kill Process by William Hertling
Angelina Benenati deals with the after-effects of an abusive relationship by killing people. Not the good people, though. . . .  A high-tech cyber-thriller from William Hertling.
Ambassador: Blue Diamond Sky by Patty Jansen
After being nearly eaten by a canal-cleaning machine, Cory Wilson finds himself caught between diamond smugglers and the anti-aliens party on Earth, with the identity of the next president hanging in the balance.
Cloaks by F. A. Fisher
Besss illicit foray into a neighbors basement takes her much farther than she intended, and becomes a nightmare when she encounters mysterious cloaked riders who will stop at nothing to keep her from getting home.
Brain Seize by Carol Husa
With her husband falsely accused of having an affair and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Nicole pulls out every stop to prove his innocence . . . if she can stay alive long enough to deliver.
Iron Shoes by J. Kathleen Cheney
When her farm is threatened by foreclosure, Imogen Hawkes receives unexpected help from her new stallion—whos not just a stallion—and, despite a life spent avoiding magic, Imogen learns that it may be her best ally. . . .
The Necromancers Daughter by Patty Jansen
Magicians prepare the final and most insidious attempt to control the upstart little country of Saardam and its commoner queen, Johanna—through her baby daughter. Conclusion of Patty Jansens For Queen and Country.
Coming Home by Patty Jansen
The most infamous scoundrel in the history of gamra turns out to be still alive, and delegate Cory Wilson returns from deep space with him. Can he be controlled, or will he and his ship take over . . . everything?
The Seers Choice by J. Kathleen Cheney
Genovevas father was a murderer. Now Genoveva works for the Special Police, learning to use her healers gift to save lives. But that gives Captain Pinheiro no particular desire to marry her—and yet his own seers gift tells him he will. . . .
The Dragon Prince by Patty Jansen
Eastern traders arrive in a metal ship forged with dragon magic, with a chest of gold to buy an office in the city. The anti-magic Church of the Triune wants them out—but Queen Johanna has some magic of her own.
Ambassador: The Sahara Conspiracy by Patty Jansen
Cory Wilson is snagged at the tail end of his contract to investigate an apparent incursion of aliens into Africa. But does Nations of Earth really want to know whats happening? The second book in the Ambassador series.
The Dimension Jumpers by Adam Moon
Neil Thomson and his daughter are repeatedly whisked from one alternate dimension to the next. If they can find out who's behind it, and control the jumps . . . maybe they can get back home.
Why Planes Crash: 2002 by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
From a tragic air-show crash to a successful and dramatic landing on a river, the second in Sylvia Wrigley's Why Planes Crash series is every bit as enthralling as the first.
Zero by Adam Moon
Jack Peterson's only option for surviving his terminal cancer is to upload his conscious mind into a mechanical battle unit. As payment he must train for warfare, for the aliens who possess this technology.
Shifting Infinity by Patty Jansen
Patty Jansens sequel to Shifting Reality—ten months after Melati escapes New Jakarta space station, leaving her family behind enemy lines, the time for watching and waiting is over. War is about to begin.
Ghost Fugue: for 3 voices by Maya Lassiter
Maya Lassiters newest, biggest book yet. Three people each have a window to the dead—that is, they see ghosts. But when they get together, they learn that enough windows make a doorway . . . and doors can be opened from both sides.
The Turing Exception by William Hertling
Roses invaluable Book of Magic has begun acting strange . . . and denying it. Is the book sick? Can a magic book die . . . or is something even more sinister going on? The conclusion to The Necromancers Inheritance trilogy.
All Dressed in Red by Carol Husa
Casie, running from an abusive lover, is stalked instead by a twisted serial killer who may know more about Casie than she does—or wants to. By Carol Husa.
The Turing Exception by William Hertling
William Hertlings suspenseful fourth book in the Singularity Series. In the aftermath of the destruction of Miami, a powerful underground collective known as XOR concludes that AI can no longer coexist with humanity.
Fire Wizard by Patty Jansen
Patty Jansens ongoing For Queen and Country series continues with a new book, where the refugees return to a terrified Saardam in a desperate attempt to wrest control of the city back from the powerful and brutal Fire Wizard.
For Queen and Country Omnibus by Patty Jansen
The first three books in Patty Jansens For Queen and Country collected in one volume: Innocence Lost, Willow Witch, and The Idiot King.
Ambassador: Changing Fate
The fourth installment of Patty Jansen's riveting Ambassador series: A huge shipload of ancient Aghyrians is returning, and it looks like they want to take Asto back from the people who live there now.
Avogadro Corp by William Hertling
The first in William Hertling's gripping Singularity series. Excitement turns to fear as the first AI starts manipulating the corporation that produced it.
Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen
Cory Wilson, while meeting with the president before being sent off to his first ambassadorial post, is lucky enough to survive an explosion which destroys the president's office and kills the president. . . .
The Return of the Aghyrians Omnibus by Patty Jansen
The first four books in The Return of the Agyrians series by Patty Jansen, collected in a single huge volume. A fantastic deal!
The Idiot King by Patty Jansen
Johanna would find it difficult dealing with the nobility among the refugees from Saardam even if her husband, the new king wasnt an idiot. Part III of For Queen and Country.
The Necromancers Return by Rebecca Roland
Rose faces an enemy even more dangerous than the Lumenancers—the Phantom, a former necromancers soul who wants to take over Roses body, and her powers. By Rebecca Roland.
Heirs Revenge by Patty Jansen
Boycotts have taken a toll on Miran. The regime is desperate to keep its citizens under control, and revolt is brewing. . . .  The final chapter of Patty Jansen's Return of the Aghyrians series.
Willow Witch by Patty Jansen
Johanna, along with her idiot king husband and a demon possessing her friend's body, is forced to travel ever closer to the evil necromancer who has lain the country to waste. The sequel to Innocence Lost.
The Graveyard Girl by Rebecca Roland
Rose thinks—hopes!—she's escaped her familys inheritance of becoming a necromancer, until she accidentally switches bodies with a dead man. By Rebecca Roland.
The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Malaysia Airlines flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur airport shortly after midnight, full of passengers flying to Beijing. Half an hour later, the greatest mystery in aviation history had begun.
Innocence Lost by Patty Jansen
Johanna has the forbidden ability to know what happened around wood that she touches. But what she sees in her friend's willow baskets could herald the end of the kingdom if she doesn't act.
The Icefire Trilogy by Patty Jansen
Patty Jansen's entire classic Icefire Trilogy—plus the original Icefire novelette that started it all—together in one volume.
Raising Hell (Ambassador 2), by Patty Jansen
Diplomat Cory Wilson, in order to prevent inter­stellar desta­biliza­tion, is obliged to travel to Asto, where the day­time temp­era­ture can surpass 60° C (140° F).
Shifting Reality, by Patty Jansen
One of Melati's six-year-old students claims he is not a little boy, but a mindbase traveler whose swap partner took off with his body. By Patty Jansen.
The Far Horizon, by Patty Jansen
Of all the things ten-year-old Cory Wilson expects to do when he moves to Midway Space Station, saving aliens from humans isn't one. By Patty Jansen.
Soldiers Duty, by Patty Jansen
Izramith takes a job to find her uncle, but uncovers corruption and spying on a grand scale. The third volume of Patty Jansens Return of the Aghyrians.
Blood & Tears, by Patty Jansen
Patty Jansens Icefire Trilogy concludes with a city under siege, an escaped dragon, and evil magic.
Watchers Web by Patty Jansen
A young woman is lost on an alien world. Who can she trust? The start of Patty Jansens Return of the Aghyrians.
Traders Honour, by Patty Jansen
Mikandra has to prove her employer's innocence or she loses the apprenticeship she worked so hard for. The second in Patty Jansens Return of the Aghyrians.
Dust & Rain, by Patty Jansen
Patty Jansen continues her Icefire Trilogy, with Loriane fleeing towards hostile Chevakia, and Tandor, bewitched, unable to tell her why he wants her unborn child.
Fire & Ice by Patty Jansen
In his despair to right the wrongs done his family, the sorcerer Tandor takes a risk that could destroy his homeland. Book 1 of Patty Jansens Icefire Trilogy.
Creature of Dreams, by Maya Lassiter
Maya Lassiter returns with a tale sure to give you insomniaat least until youve turned the last page.
The Last Firewall, by William Hertling
A nail-biting cyberpunk thriller about an AI with a chip on its shoulder, and the unlikely trio who save the world from it.  By William Hertling.
Cured by Joyce Wadler
Just when Joyce Wadler thought she was cured of breast cancer, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The sequel to My Breast.
A Passion for Acting, by Allan Miller
A com­bin­a­tion mem­oir/instruc­tion book by Allan Mil­ler, the man who coached act­ors such as Bar­bra Streis­and, Dus­tin Hoff­man, and Meryl Streep.
A Triumph for Sakura, by Jason Ridler
A gritty, violent foray into a very different world of vampires. By Jason Ridler.
Why Planes Crash: 2001 by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
What makes planes crash, and what can be done about it? Filled with recent, riveting true accounts of crashes and near-misses. By Sylvia Wrigley.
My Breast by Joyce Wadler
The bestselling first-person account of Joyce Wadlers experience with breast cancer.
Bitterwood--The Complete Trilogy
All three books in James Maxey's classic Bitterwood Trilogy, plus more—The prequel novel Dawn of Dragons and the story Tornado of Sparks.
Dawn of Dragons by James Maxey
Don't want to buy the Bitterwood omnibus just for the prequel? Heres the solution: Dragons of Dawn, the prequel to Bitterwood, reveals where dragons—and Atlantis—came from.
The Art School Grads Guide to the Real World by Renee Reeser Zelnick
What do you do with an art degree? Plenty. Crammed with good advice for anyone who thought their degree was worthless. By Renee Reeser Zelnick.
How to Be a Writer Who Writes by Greg Miller
How to start a book, continue it, and finish it without getting bogged down by life, by Greg Miller. Funny, insightful, and concise.
The Garlic Walkers by K. Bird Lincoln
Ancient magic in the garlic fields of California. The first of a set of individual short stories by the author of Tiger Lily.
A Darker Gold by C. J. Ashbrook
C. J. Ashbrooks nail-biting page-turner kicked off by the finding of an incredibly ancient artifact in Cleopatras tomb in 1948.
Former-Day Saint by R.S. Francis
R. S. Franciss frank confession of his loss of faith and of his own flaws. A witty, insightful, and fascinating look into the modern soul.
Children of the Fallen by Maya Lassiter
Fallen angels aren't in Hell . . . theyre in heat. But what happens to the children? Another winner from Maya Lassiter.
The Azreal Deception by Chad Rohrbacher
A near-future collection of short stories, linked together by a single instance of treachery, by Chad Rohrbacher.
Tiger Lily by K. Bird Lincoln
A fantasy of romance, adventure, and revelation in medieval Japan, with samurai battling magic, by K. Bird Lincoln.
The Year Without Michael by Susan Beth Pfeffer
The moving story of what happens to a family when one of the children simply disappears, by NY Times bestselling author Susan Beth Pfeffer.
InterGalactic Awards Anthology ed. by Card & Schubert
A collection of the best stories and artwork from Orson Scott Cards InterGalactic Medicine Show.
Toby Streams the Universe
Toby has a problem with drinking . . . it doesnt work anymore. Maya Lassiters fascinating novel about a family of psychics.
Burn Baby Burn by James Maxey
An action-packed Supervillain novel (yes that's "Supervillain")—companion to the authors Nobody Gets the Girl.
That Time We Saved the Planet by Lon Prater
Lon Praters cool YA novel about demonic invasion and superpowers.
There Is No Wheel by James Maxey
A story collection by a master of the bizarre: Silent as Dust, To the East, a Bright Star, Return to Sender, and seven more.
Conjuring Raine by Maya Lassiter
An offbeat, gritty, quirky, vampire novel by Maya Lassiter, author of Toby Streams the Universe.
Bitterwood by James Maxey
Book One of James Maxeys classic Bitterwood Trilogy‌—‌dragons like youve never seen them.
Dragonforge by James Maxey
Will the battle for Dragonforge be the turning point in the war between dragons and humanity?
Dragonseed by James Maxey
The thrilling conclusion to James Maxeys Bitterwood saga.

Coming Soon

After the War by J. Kathleen Cheney
Joãos memories begin after being injured in WWI—a case, not of shell-shock, but of magic. . . . A tale in J. Kathleen Cheney's Golden City series.
Sea and Sky by Patty Jansen
Patty Jansens Moonfire Trilogy continues with Lana being abducted by the Aranians—to serve in the harem of the king himself!
The Works of Martha Sheldon by Martha Sheldon
The novel, the poems, the stories and the memoirs, steeped in the lore and atmosphere of the Missippi delta during the first half of the twentieth century.

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